Tuyển dụng Drawing Managing Engineer và Fabricating Managing Engineer

CS Wind Corporation is a global wind tower company with expertise, reliability and quality. We create the bright future for human and nature.

CS Wind Corporation has been successful in steel construction business over 20 years and has done many large scale projects all over the world. In order to be specialized in rapidly growing wind power industry, CS Wind Corporation started wind tower business in Vietnam from 2003.

CS Wind Corporation has been producing over 2,300 wind towers from 2004, which have been exported to United States, Europe.

CS Wind Vietnam Co., its first wind tower factory in Vietnam, is now recognized as one of the leading wind tower manufacturers. With accumulated experiences and proven high quality.


1. Position

Fabricating Managing Engineer 

**Job Description 

Fabrication plan

1. Make fabrication plan
2. Fabricating

Material control

1. Materials control plan
2. Input materials checking
3. Output meterials checking
4. Materials storage balance checking


1. Check measurement devices and fabrication plates
2. Check the surfaces of streng steel and mild steel before being bent 


1. Check machines & equipments including PPC machine
2. Assign fitters to follow on work order


1. Check all kinds of paint
2. Assign painters to follow painting instruction


1. Corperate with relevant persons (PM & logistics) about shipping
2. Base on the customers's requirement to follow up


1. Check the transportation schedule
2. Assign trailer & forlift driver to move tower section to the port


1. Regularly checking the fabricating status
2. Maintain standard quality for H grade fabrication
3. Reviewing internal standards relating fabricating and welding etc. 


1. Closer corperation with external parties
2. Technical discussion with external parties 


1. Make training plan for relevant engineers and inspector
2. Providing training to relevant engineers


1. Attending up customers' auditing
2. Follow Up Customer's Issue, consult audit, internal NDT &  QC audit
3. Follow up all Issues (NCR, CAR) 

2. Position 

Drawing Managing Engineer 

**Job Description 


1. Discussing with the general contractor for the design details
2. Reviewing and approving the working drawings
3. Reviewing of design documents
4. Working drawings output and change management
5. Reviewing the internal standards for drawing making
6. Responsible for fabrication drawings, nesting


1. Basing on JASS 6 standards to prepare ducuments for drawing training
2. Discussing with relevant team to make training schedule for drawings
3. Training for all drawing makers

Drawings approval

1. Checking all drawings
2. Apprving on drawing documents


1. Attending up customers' auditing
2. Follow Up Customer's Issue, consult audit, internal NDT &  QC audit
Follow up all Issues (NCR, CAR)


Chinese or Japanese degree 
5 year experience in structrural steel
Competitive salary

working location at: Phu My Industrial Zone #1, Tan Thanh District, Baria-Vungtau Province, Vietnam

* Note: 

Requirement of this position: 
One full-time, qualified personnel of first-class architecture or Class I primary steel fabrication managing engineer 1.
1. Having knowledge of steel structure construction
2. Having knowledge of steel, welding materials etc
3. Having knowledge of steel structure fabricating
4. With the knowledge of quality control and management
5. With safety knowledge6. Well understanding JASS 
6 and relevant Japanese Construction law or regulation
7. Familiar with the internal fabrication procedure and other internal standards.

Contact person: 

Nguyen Huu Chinh
Email: nhchinh@cswindtower.com